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Deadline to register to vote: Tuesday, October 11

Early Voting Begins: Wednesday, October 12

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In 2018, the voters of Indiana Senate District 29 overwhelmingly elected J.D. Ford to the Indiana Senate to stand up for Hoosier values and find common sense solutions to help improve the lives of everyone in our great state. 

Since then, he was elected as Minority Caucus Chair and appointed to serve as ranking member on a number of important committees, including Education, Veterans Affairs and Family and Children Services. 

As one of the few members of the Indiana Senate who is not independently wealthy, Senator Ford is a full time legislator who provides a sorely needed perspective and understands the concerns of working class Hoosiers. That’s why he always reaches across the aisle to get things done and fights to make sure working people get a fair shake. 

From lowering the cost of life saving medical treatments to strengthening and improving our public schools, Senator Ford always stands firmly on the side of Indiana’s working families.

From a very young age, Senator Ford learned the importance of hard work and paying it forward from his father, a union truck driver and his mother, an assisted living administrator, who worked hard to give him the chance to be the first generation of his family to graduate from college.

He also learned about community leadership from watching his grandfather, a city councilman, and his grandmother who served as city auditor, and those lessons have stayed with him throughout his career in the non-profit sector and they are with him now as continues to legislate for the people who gave him the great honor of serving as their State Senator.

Senator Ford is the first, and so far only, openly LGBT+ member of the Indiana General Assembly. As one of the youngest members of the Indiana Senate, he is proud to represent Hoosier Millenials. He is a member of Theta Chi Fraternity and he lives in Wayne Township with his dog Stella and cat Sir Aaron Purr. He enjoys sports, reading and spending time with his family and friends.




Senator Ford learned firsthand the challenges facing Hoosier teachers and support staff from his years working in education. As Ranking Member of the Senate Education Committee, he has fought for increased teacher pay year after year and used his influence to steer our hard earned tax dollars towards schools that all Hoosier children can attend, not towards private groups and special interests.


While Indiana’s unemployment rate has consistently remained lower than the rest of the nation, the quality of jobs in Indiana have been declining, especially for blue-collar workers. Senator Ford is always working to invest in high-quality, high-wage jobs and eliminating taxpayer subsidies for companies who ship Indiana jobs overseas.


2020 brought a unique challenge for our election administrators all across the state. As Ranking Member of the Elections Committee, Senator Ford led the push to allow no-excuse absentee voting which worked so well in the primary election, but was unfortunately blocked by the Republican majority for the General Election. Since then, Senator Ford has stood up and pushed back against the litany of conspiracy theories and misinformation threatening Hoosier elections and continues to stand up for voter access in every corner of the state.


In the state legislature, Senator Ford has pushed to end taxpayer handouts to coal plants and fought to stop the passage of an infamous bill to legalize the destruction of our state’s once-protected wetlands for commercial purposes. Indiana is now the 2nd worst polluter in the nation, behind only Louisiana. Our state desperately needs leaders who will take the climate crisis and its effect on future generations seriously. As the youngest member of the Indiana Senate, Senator Ford has skin in the game and will always look out for the future of our state.


As the first openly LGBT+ member of the Indiana General Assembly, Senator Ford brings an important perspective to issues of equality and fighting discrimination. In 2019, he was there when the Republican majority gutted what would have been Indiana’s first hate crimes bill. Since then, he has consistently called for real protections and enforcement against hate crimes so all Hoosiers can live their lives without fear, no matter their race, religion or identity.


Senator Ford fights tirelessly to make sure every Hoosier is able to see a doctor and receive the medical care they need. He has introduced bills to put a cap on the price of insulin, address the tragically high rates of maternal mortality and fight for affordable healthcare for all.



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